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Do business with the best foreign exchange provider in Africa

Standard Bank's Foreign Exchange (FX) team comprises innovative and experienced staff with a broad skill set catering to a diversified international and domestic client base. We provide our clients with a full suite of products which include both standardised and customised solutions to meet all our client needs.

Cross-border transactions are subject to foreign exchange regulations and exposure to the risks of fluctuating currencies. Standard Bank's representation and experience in emerging markets, and our presence in all major financial centres, enables us to deliver a 24-hour foreign exchange service which is sensitive to regulatory and risk factors in emerging markets globally.

This is who we are:

  • Standard Bank is a leading market maker in the South African Rand (ZAR). We also trade all major currencies as well as numerous African and other emerging markets currencies.
  • We ensure that our clients always have access to our expertise and market knowledge, and to our dedicated customer-focused teams  through electronic, telephonic and personal interaction.
  • We provide our clients with access to our 24-hour internal trading capability.
  • Our commitment to pricing and liquidity is evident through our large client base as well as our market share as a leading flow house in Africa .
  • Dedicated Global Markets Sales Managers provide a single point of entry into Standard Bank's Global Market's services, competencies and expertise.
  • We have on-the-ground experts in 30 dealing rooms across the globe, providing specialist knowledge of their local markets.
  • We provide a suite of electronic forex trading solutions that enable online dealing.

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Our foreign exchange-related products and services include:

  • Trading capabilities in all major currencies, including G10, numerous African currencies as well as many other emerging market currencies
  • Trading in Renminbi (RMB), the official currency of the People's Republic of China . Clients involved in cross-border trade with China can denominate their transactions with China in RMB, reducing risk for the importer/exporter and thereby potentially improving the competitiveness and stability of pricing
  • Customised foreign exchange hedging solutions , including: 
      • Spots
      • Forwards (outright forwards and swaps)
      • Options (listed and OTC)
      • Structured solutions (listed and OTC)
    • Dependent on in-country regulatory conditions           
  • Exchange traded foreign exchange hedging solutions, including: 
      • Currency futures
      • Options on currency futures
      • Currency reference warrants
    • Dependent on in-country regulatory conditions
  • 24-hour foreign exchange trading capabilities via our major trading hubs in Johannesburg, London and New York, with a night desk in Johannesburg to cover the Asian market session.
  • Online electronic trading through our FX e-Channel solutions:

Our additional value added services include :   

  • Providing historical foreign exchange rates
  • Currency monitoring, hedging advice, technical analysis and economic research
  • A foreign exchange relationship centre (FRC) that provides guidance and advice on the financial aspects of all international trading activities including foreign exchange risk management, foreign currency cash management, online dealing and payment solutions, exchange control and international trade payment mechanisms (please ensure different bullets for sub-sections)

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